Reducing Expenses for Business Owners

Direct Money Back Into Your Business

Imagine diverting some of your operational expenses back into your cash flow. What kind of impact could that have on your business?

That’s exactly what we want to help you achieve. By finding expense reduction opportunities and implementing cost-savings strategies, you can direct cashback to your bottom line.

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Scott Grotjan, CEO of Silverback.

Together, we’ve created an educational video to help individuals and business owners learn how to reduce their operational expenses. Sign up to access Reducing Expenses for Business Owners today.

Learn From Scott Grotjan, CEO of Silverback

Scott Grotjan, CEO of Silverback, provides a wide range of cost reduction and profit improvement solutions. He uses proven methodologies and effective strategies such as strategic sourcing, process optimization, M&A integration, and change management. He’s had extensive experience implementing cost reduction recommendations for clients with multi-location entities and diverse corporate cultures.

While he and his subject matter experts serve any industry, Scott’s clients most often come from verticals, including healthcare, real estate, education, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. He has 24 years of professional experience, including roles in finance, operations, sales, procurement, and human resources.

Put a Fresh Set of Eyes on Your Operating Expenses

Partnering with Silverback is a smart way to reduce operational expenses. Here’s how it works:

Silverback reviews last month's bills, next, they look for overcharges and negotiate best-in-class rates, and finally, they show you the money you could be saving.

Savings typically amount to 20-40%. Better yet, Silverback has a 96% success rate!

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