The Legacy-IRA

Eliminate Significant Taxes While Protecting Your Legacy and Family Wealth

Taxes are the most significant expense throughout an individual’s life. Our goal is to reduce the tax impact on retirement plan assets and increase returns while protecting your family's wealth.

Learn how this is achievable through proven strategies that eliminate significant taxes while protecting and assuring your legacy during The Legacy-IRA.

Standard retirement plans are subject to prohibited transaction fees and taxes.

Join us on Wednesday, January 4th to learn about the only asset exempt from the prohibited transaction rule and why common retirement planning strategies are highly tax-disadvantageous!

Our goal is to help you reduce and eliminate taxes to leverage and protect legacy and family wealth. The IRA nest egg you’ve been building is a tax timebomb, but we can help.

Join co-host Jason Kurchner and us on Wednesday, January 4th for The Legacy-IRA. Together we’ll examine case studies to illustrate just how much you are losing to taxes, explore asset protection, and how to establish tax savings.

Meet Your Host, Jason Kurchner, Founder and CEO of Sage Consulting

Founder and CEO of Sage Consulting, Jason Kurchner, has built one of the most respected and prestigious independent estate planning and insurance firms in the United States. Jason believes that the dynamics of every family are unique and often require an inspired approach when developing estate plans. For nearly 30 years, he has served wealthy individuals, philanthropists, and corporations seeking sound and creative methods to build, protect and transfer wealth.

Jason attributes the success of Sage to the personalized planning and strategic development given to every client. Called upon by some of the top law firms in the nation, Jason and his team work with financial planners, investment advisors, and estate planners throughout the country to structure estate and insurance plans meeting the unique needs of families, companies, philanthropists, and wealthy individuals. As testimony to the expertise of Jason and his team at Sage, over ninety percent of new referrals are introduced to the firm by existing clients, former clients, and professional firms.

We Can’t Wait to Share with You on Wednesday, January 4th at 12:00 pm EST!